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rezidence V srdci Poděbrad vizualizace

rezidence V srdci Poděbrad vizualizace

Rezidence "V Srdci Poděbrad"

The spa of Poděbrady is good for your heart! – the well-known slogan says promoting the spa industry here. And now you can live directly in this heart. The lately erected building of Residence V Srdci Poděbrad (In the heart of Poděbrady) is located directly in the centre of Poděbrady, near T.G. Masaryk Square and the spa park with imposing spa buildings. It is a region full of vegetation and atmosphere of restful spa walks, the environment suitable for people curing their heart and vascular diseases as well as those seeking comfortable or recreational accommodation in a slower rhythm of the spa town, without being separated from its completely commonplace, but important background of the necessary civil amenities.


The history of the town on the river of Labe goes back to the beginning of the Czech state and is connected with a dateless settlement and watchtower guarding the place „under crossing places“ which gave the name to the town of Poděbrady. Let us put aside its rich history that is personified especially with the Czech king Jiří of Poděbrady and the castle creating a dominant of the town and let us remind that for the present life the biggest importance has a find of the German farmer and waterfinder von Bulow who found here a spring of mineral carbonic water causing that already in 1908 the first spa season was started here and that the town of Poděbrady became a renowned spa town later.

New inhabitants of the house in the locality called Residence V Srdci Poděbrad can tap mineral water from the well-known spring Poděbradka each day at their discretion, as Poděbradka is only a few minutes of walking away from the house across a park that starts immediately next to the rear tract of the house, they can promenade in the colonnade of Professor Libenský, and further in the gardens with spa houses up to the castle near the river of Labe.

On the other hand, from this nice spa zone it is very close to kindergartens and primary schools (as well as to a secondary school) near Studentská Streets and the railway and bus stations, where a supermarket and department store are also located. Let us remind in this connection that you can get by car from the near slip road to the highway D 11 to the border of Prague already in half an hour.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the rich cultural offer connected with the spa life, you can also find in Poděbrady tennis courts, a golf court, riding-hall, shooting-range, winter sport stadium, sport inflatable hall, and a natural swimming pool Jezero is at your disposal where you can go in for yachting and surfing.

Project concept

A new block of houses at the corner of Studentská and Hellichova Streets is the first stage of the built-up area not finished in the past of the central part of the town of Poděbrady. The flat blocks are designed basically as five-storied buildings marked with the letters A, B and C. The middle house B near the crossroad is increased by one floor, and therefore it has six floors.

All houses are interconnected with the common underground, where - in addition to cellar boxes belonging to the individual flats - there are especially garage places for 57 private cars. Other lay-bys of the total number of 26 parking places are designed in front of the house along Studentská Street and under a pergola in the internal block to which one can get through a gate-way from Studentská Street. On the inner side, the house is surrounded from three sides by a park with a road leading to the spa gardens that will provide new flats with beautiful views of vegetation.

Each of the houses is accessible through the only entry from the exserted staircase. Near the entry, three is always technical background of flats (boiler room, drying room, pram storage room and lumber-room). The space of the increased ground floor then includes only accommodation units occupying completely all the remaining floors.

Types of flats

In the flat block, the total number of 99 accommodation units is designed, in whose structure especially smaller flats 1+kitchenette and 2+kitchenetter prevail, making up altogether around 70%. Other flats have the layouts of 3+kitchenette and 3+1. On the increased sixth floor of the house there are also two bigger flats with large terraces and a wide view of the spa park. Terraces or balconies also belong, however, to the majority of other accommodation units.

Standard equipment

floors: in the dwelling rooms (including the kitchenette, if it is a part of the living room, and the dressing-room or lumber-room accessible from the room) - floating laminate floor, surface – beech (oak), paving of local production in the separate kitchen, in the corridor, bathroom, WC and hall, dressing-room or lumber-room accessible from the corridor
lining and equipment of bathrooms and WC: ceramic lining in the bathroom up to the height of lining doorframe, in WC up to the height of 1.5 m, plastic profiles in the corners, fixtures and fittings of the standard series of local production, i.e. chrome-plated lever batteries, acrylate white bath, ceramic wash-basin, shower bath with acrylate small bath, combination WC
windows: plastic and respective fittings
doors and doorframes: solid, smooth entry room, surface – foil beech, anti-fire steel doorframes, inner solid doors, surface – beech, in the living rooms 2/3 glassed-in, lining doorframes, thresholds in the colour of floor
kitchen: is not included in the price of delivery, otherwise distribution systems and connections for the electric cooker, sink, dishwasher
light current distribution system: service line for connecting 2 telephone lines, satellite and television aerial socket, electrical porter and home telephone with electrical porter, preparation (piping for the electronic safety systems)
heating: central heating, desk radiators with thermostatic valves, heating ladder in the bathroom

Prices of flats

A square meter of the residential area is sold in dependence on the flat location in the house, its orientation and location on the floor, from CZK 26,000/m2.

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